What do we do?

​​​Providing excellence since 1987

Our vocational team works with injured workers referred by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.  Case work involves evaluating a client's ability to work by assessing skills and competencies, physical abilities, analyzing jobs, and researching labor markets. When appropriate we work with our clients to realign themselves to a lighter career through formal retraining paid for by the Department of Labor and Industries.  We help to navigate what can sometimes be a confusing insurance system by empowering our clients with knowledge of vocational services available under the Workers' Compensation system as well as their rights, and responsibilities and benefits within the system.  Communication early in the process allows for a clear understanding of the vocational referral and sets the stage for a win-win outcome.  We strive towards open communication with all stakeholders including employers, claims managers, health care providers, and attorneys.  With this approach we provide significant savings to our referral sources and provide our clients with what they need to move forward to meaningful work and life.