SCA has several certified ergonomists on staff that can assist you in defining solutions for your employees in preventing injuries and occupational diseases, and if injured, may allow them to continue to work while they are healing.

Our specially trained ergonomic experts examine work sites and workstations to ensure that people and things interact with each other in thesafest and most efficient manner.  Ergonomics can be used in assistance with returning someone to work, keeping someone at work, ensuring departments and staff run more efficiently, and answering safety concerns.   The ergonomic expert reviews: 

*  Work methods

*  Workstation design

*  Work site adjustments

*  Job task restructuring

*  Equipment usage

The benefits of an ergonomic program are twofold: benefits for worker and benefits of employer.

Benefits for worker include less pain and suffering from chronic musculoskeletal disorders of the soft tissues (ligaments, muscles, joints, cartilage), which include bursitis, tendonitis, and carpel tunnel syndrome, to name a few. An effective ergonomic program may help reduce health insurance costs as well.

Benefits for employers include a reduction in workplace injuries, workers compensation, and health insurance premiums.  Employees feel listened to and cared for which may lead to better engagement.  Additional benefits include:

*  Less employee turnover

*  Less training of new hires to replace injured employee as a result of an MSD

*  Reduction of employer Experience

Modification Rate

*  Improved employee moral​


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