Staff Contribution as a Key Asset

Foster an environment where:
- Distinct accomplishments are celebrated, both individual and team based.
- Growth and learning at the individual and organizational level are promoted.
- Dynamic team approaches are utilized.
Acknowledge and Fulfill Customer Needs
Seek to:
- Understand what is expected and exceeding expectations.
- Listen, hear and then respond in a positive, tactful and respectful manner.
- Offer creative solutions

Demonstrate Professionalism & Quality Service
Endeavor to:
- Provide timely, accurate, thorough and knowledgeable services.
- Present a positive image with consideration and respect for others, both in                   appearance and conduct.
- Be honest and maintain integrity.

Exhibit Ethical Practice
By maintaining:
- Confidentiality, professionalism and proper disclosure.
- Appropriate boundaries.
- Case management Code of Ethics to included CRC & CDMS.
- Consistent & equal services to all clientele.

Display Mutual Respect 
Ensure all are:
- Equally valued regardless of differences.
- Welcomed to express ideas and suggestions in a receptive environment.

Embrace Innovative Technology
Willingness to:
- Utilize user friendly systems and programs to the fullest benefit to increase efficiency.
- Inquire, share and integrate solutions.
- Provide and support specialized training.

Effective Communication
Ability to:
- Meet the verbal and written communication needs of your audience.
- Provide clear and concise questions, answers, directions and instructions.
- Utilize positive communication techniques while listening and responding in a   sympathetic and supportive manner.
- Be approachable to allow direct communication.
- Understand before being understood.

Promote Ownership
Strive to:
- Encourage informed choices, decisions and actions for professional growth.
- Take initiative to expand knowledge, skills and abilities.
- Be responsible for individual outcomes and contributions. 
Commitment to Sound Business Principles and Practices
Dedicated to:
- Following all WAC’s, RCW’s and appropriate guidelines.
- Incorporating reliable and consistent processes to complete work product.
- Achieving win/win solutions when possible.
- Maintaining and developing business relationships.
- Ensuring decisions are made based on the value and betterment of the organization.

Premier Industry Leaders
Committed to:
- Producing work product that surpasses industry expectations.
- Remaining proactive in the development of evolving rules, policies and procedures.
- Utilizing efficient and cutting edge technologies within our industry.
- The growth of our company both at the individual and organizational level.


​​​Providing excellence since 1987

Our Core Values